2015 Final, featuring headliners Cassette Boy and Rachel Parris, MC Rob Deering and our six finalists: Rebecca Humphries, DW, Peter Bazley, Baron Fingolfin, Luke Courtier and Gatis Kandis as well as Best Newcomer Faye Treacy.

2014 Final, featuring headliners Pippa Evans and Jay Foreman, MCs Horse and Louis, our five finalists David Elms, Cribb & Morgan, Laurence Owen, Bob & Jim and Rogue 5 as well as Best Newcomer Steve Bennett.

2013 Final, featuring headliners Brett Domino Trio and Isy Suttie, MCs Horse and Louis, our six finalists Hill & Weedon  Jonny & The Baptists, Tina Turner Tea Lady, Lucy Cox, I am, I am and Steve Seller as well as Best Newcomer Jenny Bede.

2012 Final, featuring headliners Frisky and Mannish, MCs Horse and Louis, our six finalists Rob Carter, Rachel Parris, Tom Adams, Bob & Jim, Clare Lomas and James Rowland as well as Best Newcomers Fair & Square.

2011 Final, featuring headline performance from Mitch Benn, MCs Horse and Louis, our five finalists Jollyboat, Tom McDonnell, Three Englishmen, Carly Smallman and Mae Martin as well as Best Newcomer Daisy De Agostini.

2010 Final, featuring a headline performance from Ginger and Black and Tom Basden, our 5 finalists Abandoman, Horse and Louis, Jay Foreman, Amateur Transplants and Rob Carter as well as Best Newcomer Brigitte Aphrodite. It was the old days so we needed two videos…;-)

2009 Final, just the winners Adam and Rea appearing in this one. Although this final also featured Mr B the Gentleman Rhymer who came second and Frisky and Mannish who came third. Our Best Newcomer was Jay Foreman.