Introducing the acts competing in the 2017 WeGotTickets Musical Comedy Awards!


Dear All,

We hope this finds you well! We are thrilled to announce the acts taking part in the coming competition! We want to say a huge thank you to all the acts who entered this year – we have a process when judging, where Tamara and I categorise the entries as ‘yes’, ‘no’ and ‘maybe’ after viewing them but this year we had far more entries in the ‘yes’ column than we had places. We opted to select another 4, so 44 acts in total to reflect this, but it could have very easily been over 50. We sincerely hope that acts which didn’t get through this time will enter again and we would like to offer all acts who didn’t get through two free tickets to a first round heat of their choice: just send an email to and we can book you in to a show.  We are currently in the process of allocating the acts into the first round heats, but here is a list of the acts that we have in store for you. It’s going to be an incredible year! Check out all the entries at

Thom Milner
Matt Hutson
Gwilum Argos
Daniel Fraser
Mr Spooky
Will Hislop
Isobel Roge
Professor Jack Darcy
Sarah Mills
Teresa Livingstone
Les Beaux Idiots
Jamie D’Souza
Charlie Partridge
Kirsty Mann
James Wilson-Taylor
Riona O’Connor
Vicky Arlidge
Rasputin’s Lunchbox
Kevin Davidson
Dan Attfield
Gavin Milnthorpe
Fritz Frizzle
Ariane Sherine
Tom Taylor
Vicky Gould
Thomas Hind
Harry Garrison
Two Plus Ones
Rosie Holt
Hassan Dervish
Jeff Japers
Luka Antony
Hurt & Anderson
Lolly Jones
MC Cashback
Katie Pritchard
Steve Whiteley
Jason Simmons
David Hoare
Bennet Kavanagh
Barnaby Griffin
Danny Macleod
Jenny B Side


We also have a secret early bird link for a Phoenix Pass – usually tickets cost £8 per show, but we have a very limited amount of passes for all 8 shows for the price of £15. Here is the secret link:

See you soon – hopefully at heat one with Four Femmes on the Thames on Jan 14th!!! Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

Ed and Tamara x


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