Acts taking part in 2019 MCA announced!


So here we have the results – the acts who we are inviting to the heats stage of the 2019 WeGotTickets Musical Comedy Awards. As always it was very tough deciding and to those of who are not through, we are really sorry to disappoint you. Please contact Ed at and we would like to invite you to be our guest with two free tickets to a first round heat of your choice at the Phoenix. With such a high standard we’ve sadly had to turn down a few acts with fab songs that we really enjoyed. Similarly, a few acts that we’ve had the pleasure of hosting before are not through this time as there were so many newbies that we wanted to give a chance to. We sincerely hope you won’t give up and will enter again in the future – coming to see one of the heats might even give you some ideas for entering again next year with a slightly tweaked format/material! Thank you so much for entering!

As a result of the high standard, we’ve again chosen to select not 40, but 48 acts. Here they are in no apparent order – if you would like us to edit your name/stage name do let us know:

Louis Burgess
Joshua James
Georgina Thomas and Phoebe Hitt
Barnaby Griffin
Helena McCormack
David McHardy
Charlie B Costello
Robin Boot’s Rockomedy
Simon Stanley Ward
Performing Animals
Hadfield & Swan
Theo McCabe
Abigail Carter-Simpson
Ben Carter
Melinda Hughes
James McDonnell
Barra MacConmara
Jamie Finn
Madame Chandelier’s Rough Guide to the Opera
Paul ‘Silky’ White
Edy Hurst
Peter Crutchfield
Col Robbie
Olley Matthews
The Dragprov Revue
Tom Keenan
Wes Stevens
Jack Woodhead
Hassan Dervish
Huge Davies
Frankie Paradise
Katie Pritchard
Joe Jacobs
Matt Hutson
Dragos Montenescu
Rhiannon ‘Ray Ray’ Hopkins
Ben C Winn
Jennie Moloney
Charlie Partridge
The Dirty Carols
Sex Shells
Chris and the Celeriac
Dan Mac
Maris Piper
Rich Stokes
Clive Crudwick

We are so thrilled with this line-up of outstanding musical comedy acts. For friends and fans, don’t miss a moment and snap up one of our cheaper £15 Phoenix Passes here:

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