MCA and Jamie Finn feature in BBC 1 documentary – ‘One Day That Changed My Life’!


We are thrilled to announce that this year’s final was filmed by Flicker TV productions, who chose to focus on the MCA final for an episode in their series ‘One Day That Changed My Life’. Now in its second series, the show follows people at pivotal moments of their life and accompanies them on the emotional rollercoaster as they experience these potentially life-changing events. We are honoured that Flicker TV chose to follow the MCA final for this show! They chose the brilliant Jamie Finn and on Friday 28th June at 11am on BBC1 the show will be going out on air. Tune in and watch Jamie and some of our other finalists perform at the final! The show will be available on I-Player too!

Jamie will be performing at both of our Ed Fringe shows on Aug 24th and 25th! The show is titled ‘Best of MCA’ and will feature a selection of the very best acts to have graced the MCA stage! Tickets are selling fast here:

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