It’s finally the final!

Corona hit us for six just like everyone else and we ended up changing the date three times, but now tomorrow on June 12th we can proudly say that we have an incredible show lined up for you. Filmed from 4 different angles, the Netflix of comedy, NextUp Comedy will stream our final live from the Bloomsbury theatre. Who will win the 12th MCA?

Our judges will be:

Bruce Dessau – Editor of and Comedy Critic for Evening Standard

Mark Boosey – Editor of British Comedy Guide

Kathleen Price – Producer of Stage Award for Funny Women

Stuart Wilson – Editor of ToDoList London

Poppy Hillstead – Ebdon Management

Hils Jago – Founder of Amused Moose Comedy

If you have booked, NextUp will send you the link to the show at roughly 5.30/6pm GMT. Please check all inboxes. The link could land in the regular, promotions or spam folder depending on your email server. At 8.30/9pm you’ll also receive an email for voting where you can vote for your two favourite acts. On Monday afternoon you will receive an email with a link to the catch-up option, where you can watch a recording of the show at your own pace.

If you missed the final, from Saturday 10pm until Monday 4pm you can book a ticket for the catch-up option via You’ll then receive an email from NextUp on Monday afternoon with a link to the recording.

If you haven’t booked yet, we have space as it’s a live-stream! Potential audience of 7 billion, phew, I better keep working. We’d love to have you along if you have not booked yet! Enjoy the final! Photos, reviews and more to follow soon!

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