Acts through to the 2023 WeGotTickets MCA

We have seen all of the hilarious entries and are proud to announce the 44 acts that will be competing in the coming MCA! We had some tough decisions to make – a few times we opted to give a brand new act a chance rather than another shot for an act that we had previously had the pleasure of hosting. If you are not through, we would like to offer you two free tickets to a Phoenix show of your choice to thank you for entering. Pick one from and email Ed at

If you are through, huge congratulations and we will be in touch very soon via email.

Through to the 2023 WeGotTickets Musical Comedy Awards are the following acts:

Finnbar Murphy

Ellen O’ Reilly

Alex Prescot

Jenny Hart

Bertie Bow

Yasmine Day

Vinny Ting

Rosalie Minnitt

Tom Veck

Emily Cairns

Peter Bazely

Eddy Mackenzie

Natalie Durkin

Ben Pollard

Matt Alford

Mike Vaughan

Michael McKenzie

Alex Franklin

Cecilia Delatori

Jim Daly

Katie Norris

Slippy + the Nips

Amelia Hamilton

Tawny Owl

Jo Jo Maberly

Kirk Fontaine

Mark Lester

Joe Venable

Emilia Crotchet

Isobel Rogers

Will Bicknell-Found

Christian Jegard

Eleanor Colville

Dragos Mostenescu

Nikola McMurtrie

James O’D

Su Mi

Selena Mersey

Annabel Marlow

Andy Roach

# Joe

Gordon Pocket

Delea Shand

Olly Hume

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