Results – the 44 acts going through to the live heats of the 2020 WeGotTickets MCA!


Dear All,

We are thrilled to announce the results for the 44 acts that we are inviting to take part in the 2020 WeGotTickets MCA!

Thank you so much to all those who have entered! If you are not through, we are sorry that we couldn’t offer you a place this year and would like to offer you 2 free tickets to an MCA first round heat of your choice (Jan 11th/18th/25th/Feb 1st). Email Ed at and I can sort out a pair of tickets for you.

We are thrilled to see some familiar faces returning to the fold but also a large number of acts that we have never had the pleasure of hosting before. To those of you who are through, we will be contacting you via email in the next few days to organise heat allocation – please try if you can to be flexible as managing the diaries of 48 acts can be a big challenge!

For friends and fans keen to cheer on and vote for their act in the heats, the exact dates and allocation should be ready before Christmas if we are fast/end of December at the latest, but we would also recommend getting a cheap £15 Phoenix Pass with all 8 shos for just £15. Here is a link to those:

Through to the heats of the 2020 WeGotTickets MCA are the following acts (in no order and apologies if we need to edit to include your correct stage name):

2 Mouthed Men
Joe Venable
Alex MacKeith
Chris Rio
Cameron Blair
Thalia Leon
Chris Taverner
The Dementos
Christy Coysh
Shelf Comedy
Tom Taylor
Grant Buse
Chris Sav
Amy Webber
Ed MacArthur
Matt Winterbotham
Matt Blair
Performing Animals
Abigail Carter-Simpson
Tom Keenan
Madame Chandelier’s Rough Guide to the Opera
Best Friends Cabaret
Sheep & Mash
Brice Ledingham
Edy Hurst
Jennifer Tyler
Cats in Athens
Tiana Leigh
Emily Cairns
Captain Breadbeard
Richard Lindesay
Mandy Meadows

Chris Read

Bennet Kavanagh

Georgea Blakey
Jen Smith
Canadians in Space
Jamie Finn
Megan Blair
Victoria Howden
Joel Sales
Frankie Thompson

Bring on the 2020 MCAs!

Ed, Tamara, Dave and Charlie Xxx

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